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Hures Capital, wherein Hures is an acronym for Human Resource, is aptly called so, considering that we are in the business of recruiting the best candidates for the best firms, both within and outside India. Initiated in 1998, we have grown to be one of the best in the field of recruitment in finance and banking, and are privileged to get appraised by all our clients as “The most preferred vendor!”

The focus and determination has helped us come this far, and at present, we have established ourselves in the three major cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. We strive to be the perfect intermediary between our esteemed clients and our talented candidates, and this is the sole driving force behind our quality performance, which only gets better by the day!

Another reason behind the success of Hures Capital is the integration between the three locations. We are completely aware that the research and development conducted by the three teams can be implemented perfectly only if the coordination and communication between the locations is up-to-the-mark. In our quest to make sure that the coordination is flawless, we have developed a unique online data accessibility system, wherein every employee from any of the three locations can access the entire database on using their exclusive login ids. The entire system is automated, and this helps us keep track of the status of every candidature being processed across India. This ensures synchronization to the maximum level! We have given utmost importance to this aspect so that the results obtained are nothing less than superlative!

Work Culture plays an important role in determining the quality of productivity. Keeping this in mind, the atmosphere at work is such that it makes us feel at home, without letting us forget our short-term and long-term targets. Thus, here, we strike the perfect balance by blending beautifully the two extremes of a casual work atmosphere and a stringent rule-based company. Hence, while we have the “Coordinators” who make sure that each employee is putting in his / her best, we simultaneously have the “Fun Managers” who ensure that we take time out from our busy schedule for recreational activities like movies and so on.

However, neither of the two aspects is overdone, because the “Performance Managers” keeps a weekly as well as monthly track of the performance of each employee in all the three locations, and thereby keeps check of the performance of the entire company as a whole. This equilibrium maintained between work and fun is perhaps one of the most vital reasons behind our superior quality performance!

Our prime mission from the first day of our existence has been to ensure the satisfaction of our clients - by delivering quality and quantity, with no compromise on either of the two, as well as our candidates - by giving them better opportunities for a brighter future, because of which not only freshers but also individuals at the executive level willingly co-operate with us. This is the reason why we successfully find ourselves in the top priority list of both – our clients and candidates!

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