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Staffing is the technical term given to the process of finding, assessing, and setting up a working relationship for a fixed period or on a permanent basis with people who may be freshers or employed elsewhere (most likely in competing companies). Several firms specialize in providing their clients with the best candidates that suit their requirements, and HuRes Capital does exactly that!

Staffing can either be permanent or temporary, and we at HuRes Capital undertake both kinds of staffing projects.

Permanent staffing, also termed as Direct Placement staffing, as the name suggests, is the placement of manpower on a permanent basis. In this form of staffing, the recruiting firm, i.e. HuRes Capital often performs a comprehensive screening so that only the best candidates are lined up for the further proceedings (HR interview, Technical interview…) with the client.

Temporary staffing involves the recruitment and placement of human resource for requirements in a firm that are non-permanent and may have a stipulated tenure. Temporary staffing can be further bifurcated into Temporary fulltime staffing and temporary part-time staffing. We at HuRes Capital provide temporary fulltime staffing, which involves the placement of a candidate for a specified designation on a full-time basis in a firm that has only temporary needs. The tenure can, however, differ from one company to the other, although the roles offered by both may be similar.

You can expect superlative quality services in temporary as well as permanent staffing

The approaches and parameters considered while recruiting for either of the kinds of staffing requirements vary according to the duration as well as the specifications of the job profile provided to us by the company.

While undertaking and executing the projects, we maintain high professional standards and the talent that we recruit is the best in the market, and the list of satisfied clientele is the proof of that.

If you are looking for human resource par excellence for junior, middle management or executive level, you can be rest assured that your association with us would mean the end of all your hassles, as we take on the search from here onwards…

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